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Tours and Activities in El Bolsón

Camino de Los Nogales and Cascada Nahuelpan

This is a 10 km route that takes in the fields of plantations of soft fruit, organic vegetables and hop, dairy products and trout farms. From here you can see the Nahuelpan Waterfall on the slope of the hill Huemules where there are two scenic waterfalls that emerge from the rocks. One can be seen almost completely, while the other is hidden in the cracks. Both of these cascades join in a fast-running stream providing irrigation to all the fields that are in its course. At the base of the waterfall there is a wooden cross and a virgin. From there you can see the mountains: Hielo Azul, Dedo Gordo, Perito Moreno with its ski slopes and Loma del Medio. Returning south, you can see like a great painting, Cerro Tres Picos rising from the base of Lago Puelo.

Camino de Los Nogales and Cascada Nahuelpan

Cerro Amigo

Also known as Cerro de la Cruz, after the cross constructed on its summit, that can be seen from the town.

It is located 2 km east from the centre of town at the foothills of the Piltriquitrón. This site is one of the natural reserves in the town, so established to protect the cypress forest that covers the hillside. It also preserves other species such as radal, laura, ñire and maitén, shrubs such as michay, maqui, broom and black hawthorn, climbing plants like mutisias, flowers like amancay, lichen, barba del monte, mosses and fungi.

Because of its location on the slopes of Cerro Piltriquitrón it does not receive direct sunlight until evening, which produces a lesser degree of evaporation of rainwater. This gives the hills a feature of moisture that influences biodiversity.

Cerro Amigo

You can reach:

“Mirador Sur”, from there you can see Lago Puelo and its mountain ranges.

“Mirador de la Cruz”, where you can have a panoramic view of the town and Cerro Lindo, Cañadón del Río Raquel and Hielo Azul.

“Mirador Norte” where you can see the area of farms and Camino de Los Nogales, and the access to Rinconada Nahuelpan, Mallín Ahogado, Cerro Perito Moreno and the back of the impressive Cerro Piltriquitrón.

Mallín Ahogado Circuit

On Mallín Ahogado Circuit at km 6.5 you turn left to the road to the Botanical Gardens and Cascada Escondida.

Here you can learn about the different species of the Andean Patagonian forest.

There is a path descending to the base of the waterfall which falls from about 30 mts and is hidden among the forest of Loma del Medio. It is formed by the Arroyo del Medio before flowing into the River Quemquemtreu.

At km 8.7 is the Cascada Mallín Ahogado featuring a 20 mts. high fall. This is created by the Arroyo del Medio and is surrounded by native vegetation; at the bottom of the cascade there is a beautiful deep pool.

Mallín Ahogado Circuit
Mallin Ahogado

From there you can reach the Belenus Theme Forest where you can find fairies, elves and other mysterious creatures that inhabit the native forest. All the sculptures shown form the collection “The Spirit of the Forest” and are original pieces, designed and made by sculptor Ernesto Bertedor with Mariana Ortiz.

At km 13 in the Chacra Iaten k’Aike meaning “where stones live” in the language of the tehuelche, is the Museo de Piedras Patagonicas, consisting of a major private stone collection. This covers all geological profiles of the different areas of Patagonia and has an outdoor area where you can tour the theme park of Patagonian geology and view the exhibits presented on tree trunks and roots in a beautiful setting.

Cerro Perito Moreno

At km 10 you turn left to the road to the winter sport center “Cerro Perito Moreno” located 25 kms from the centre of town.

The base of the mountain is 950 mts above sea level and the summit of the mountain is 2,216 mts high.

It has a T-Bar ski lift (1 km long), two smaller lifts and a ski lodge. The chair lift is under construction.

You can practise conventional activities such as skiing and hiking, snowboarding and hiking with snowshoes.

Cerro Perito Moreno
Cerro Perito Moreno

The mountain includes a huge variety of tourist attractions at different times of the year. 

You can practice sports and adventure activities such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, sledding and snowshoeing. In summer you can practice trekking, horseback riding and sightings of native flora and fauna.

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